because she just needs to be here

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i have a best freind . . .

her name is NYAAAH because i dont know what to call her on here . . . so she shall be forever called NYAH.

and she’s been my bestie since 4th grade about.

and she introduced me to manga . . .


and many other wonderful things such as good music . . .


and stuff like that.

and i just thought she deserved a mention 🙂

so here you are, nyah-chan ❤

and, yes, i really am gonna call you that 🙂


more gayness?

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i have a request from my not-best-buddies to be put once more in my blog, soooooooo . . .

here goes . . .

chibi-suke needs a haircut cuz his haircut look stupid, its like  bowl cut. THATS WHAT YOU GET, CHIBI-SUKE!!

and sammy the magical dragon should get blue highlights . . .

and the two of them really need to start going out, cuz they make the CUTEST COUPLE!

Prof Pic

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can somebody plz tell me?

is that kankuro? idk, cuz i cant remember ever seeing his hair! so, can somebody plz let me know? cuz the pic doesnt make any sense if its not . . .

you know? i think it is . . . aaaawh gaara looks sooo cute tho!

I think Kankuro and Gaara actually look pretty similar when Kankuro doesn’t have his makeup on.The only big difference is that Gaara has red hair and Kankuro has brown hair,and their eye color. I think it’s the nose and the eyes maybe . . . They both also look very similar to the 4th Kazekage. As for Temari,she’s sort of the odd one out when it comes to appearance.She looks nothing like either of them, but you don’t always have to look like your siblings. I still love her though 🙂 ❤

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aaaw, you cant help but love neji-chan! everyone’s so cold to him! its so sad!

umm . . .

yeah . . .

and i tried to embed a video to this, but it didnt work . . . so here’s the link


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k so i have kinda obscure tastes in music. am i the only one who like really creepy music, hates mainstream music, but loves mainstream music from 5 years ago? i didnt even know this music when it was popular!

halo effect

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i am a DEVOUT enemy of the halo effect. so mean? if there’s anybody who doesn’t know what this is:

The halo effect is a cognitive bias whereby the perception of one trait (i.e. a characteristic of a person or object) is influenced by the perception of another trait (or several traits) of that person or object. An example would be judging a good-looking person as more intelligent.

compliments of Wikipedia.

Shonen Vending machine

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see instructions for shoujo vending machine . . .

i’ll start 😉