Slave Labor

So, on saturday, i shoveled dirt in the backyard with ekko-chan, candy, chibi-suke, THE GREAT AND VICTORIOUS CPT. SHANG, and sammy the magical dragon. and it was fun. and we messed about and we shoveled dirt and we carried eachother around on our backs and we went to hastings and the asian market and adventures underground and octopus garden and the wonderful uptown strip mall (doesnt that sound kinda nasty? think about it). and we ate pizza and it was fun 🙂

nyah-chan and the other wonderful friend ronnie-chan couldnt/wouldnt/were to lazy to come.


*booooooh . . .. hiiiissss . . . boooooh . . .


2 Responses to “Slave Labor”

  1. neh, I’m too lazy. plus, I went to the roller derby bout.
    ronnie-chan? who?

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